Welcome to the NTDesigns blog!

The official NTDesigns blog is up and running.  It will help us keep you updated as to what we’re up to here at the shop and when new products are released.  More importantly though, I am excited about the opportunity to share some of our collective knowledge with you to help with your own projects.  As is the case with many technology based trades, interface design and development is learned largely through online tutorials and knowledge bases.  So, because we have learned much of what we know this way, we want to share as much as possible through this blog.  I hope you will let us know what you think as this page grows.

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Aaron Craig

Aaron Craig

Aaron Craig is a graphic designer & entrepreneur. He is the founder of NTDesigns, a UI design firm that specializes in touchscreen based interfaces, especially in the home automation industry. He is the primary author for the NTDesigns Blog, and writes periodically for other blogs and publications in the UI design and automation realms when he can. Aaron lives in Milwaukee with his family and two dogs, Napoleon and Kip.

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