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Thinking outside the box

This video is not directly related to the world of control system interface design, but I wanted to post it because it takes something very familiar and puts a very innovative and useful twist on it, which is a technique that can be directly applied to interface design (the poorly translated English dialog, reminiscent of “all your base are belong to us”, is entertaining too). This is one of the best examples of “thinking outside the box” that I’ve ever seen. Watch the video and pay attention around the 00:35 mark. That’s where it will throw you for a loop.  There will be an advertisement before the video starts…sorry.


NTDesigns introduces Intellitint templates

See Intellitint in action
Click image to see Intellitint in action

NTDesigns’ has redesigned the popular Iconic template series to incorporate their exciting new IntelliTint technology. IntelliTint allows the color and look of the panel to be changed at runtime by the end user. By combining one of the included, high-quality background images or one of over 40 predefined background colors with an IntelliTint overlay image, the user has literally hundreds of design “motifs” that she can choose from. With minimal effort, the system programmer can add more background images and colors to the template which makes the number of possible appearances the panel can have virtually limitless. Additionally, the end-user can save their custom-made motifs as presets that can be easily recalled with the touch of a button. From the programmer’s perspective, each of the template’s background elements is controlled by a single analog signal. Using the included Intellitint Simpl Windows module, the appearance of the panel can be easily changed based on time of day, change of season, holidays or any scenario the programmer or user can come up with. The creative possibilities are truly endless.


  • Intellitint Simpl Windows module and example program
  • 12 high quality background images
  • 24 translucent “overlay” images
  • Over 1400 possible background combinations “out of the box”
  • Unlimited background combinations possible through additional programming
  • Full set of over 175 Iconic Amulet style source icons
  • Blank Iconic Amulet in layered, Photoshop format
  • Dashboard style design allows the user to operate the system easily and efficiently. A/V sources and environmental control icons are always available and pertinent information such as current time, outdoor temperature and volume level are always visible.
  • Popup menus allow quick, convenient access to room selection, lighting scenes, climate control, audio settings and more without even leaving the current page.

Lutron Designer keypad Photoshop file

We’ve added a handy item to the downloads area of the website.  It’s a Lutron Designer style keypad created in Photoshop. The file includes “active” and “inactive” states for all buttons and it also includes emulated faceplates in all of Lutron’s Designer colors. The various states are stored as Layer Comps within the .psd file so you can easily switch between the different states and export what you need for use in other programs. Click here to see a demo showing all the states contained in the file.