Apple remote Photoshop file

The Apple TV is becoming more and more popular as a media server in high-end residential systems.  With several two-way control solutions now available, it’s a pretty sweet option considering most people use iTunes to manage their music library.  Perhaps the most distinctive feature of the Apple TV however, is its gorgeous, user-friendly on-screen interface which you navigate with the included i.r. remote control.  Despite the simplicity of the remote, I’ve found that the multi-function commands don’t translate well onto a touchscreen controller.  I created this Apple remote “emulation” to solve this issue.  If the user is familiar with the stock remote, he will immediately know how to control the Apple TV from his touch panel when presented with this.

Apple remote Photoshop file

The file is entirely vector so it can be resized to fit any application.  There are also several layer comps included that switch between the various colors.  With a simple drop-shadow or reflection effect behind it, the emulator looks great no matter what touch panel template you place it into.

Aaron Craig

Aaron Craig is a graphic designer & entrepreneur. He is the founder of NTDesigns, a UI design firm that specializes in touchscreen based interfaces, especially in the home automation industry. He is the primary author for the NTDesigns Blog, and writes periodically for other blogs and publications in the UI design and automation realms when he can. Aaron lives in Milwaukee with his family and two dogs, Napoleon and Kip.

  • Nice work!!! Looks really good.


    July 24, 2009

  • Thanks for the freebie and GREAT JOB on the new website! and Horizon! WOW!


    September 14, 2009

  • nice to see that icons from 2009 is still pretty cool compared to some that is available…

    Eric de Jager

    August 16, 2012

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