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Free Crestron TPS-6X template: Carrera

Crestron Carrera Template TPS-6XYou might be saying to yourself, “a free template, what’s the catch?” Well, there isn’t one. As with all design firms, we have hundreds of concepts that never make it past the drawing board, Occasionally, one of these will make into production, but then simply be abandoned for one reason or another. Carrera is one of those designs. It’s not that we thought it was hideous or anything like that, we just decided that we no longer wanted to pursue developing it into a full template. To make a long story short, Carrera for the TPS-6X is complete enough that we can offer it to you as a freebie! It has a high-gloss, modern appearance and works well with nearly any background image. We’ve even included a few backgrounds to get you started.  Click here to view screenshots.