5 Great Icon Sites to Add to Your Arsenal

Every so often, I’ll hear from one of our customers that they need an icon that isn’t included with the theme or template he or she purchased from us. In the unfortunate situation (fra, fra, fra) that they don’t want to custom order a one-off icon from us, I will usually direct them to one of the sites listed below. Once they’ve found the right icon, I always invite them to send it to us so we can stylize it (free of charge) to match the theme or template they purchased.

While you might have to sift through some crap before you find what you’re looking for, there are so many icons available between these five sites that you’re almost always sure to find something that will fit your application.



This is always my first go-to site for finding quality icons. It’s a very well designed and easy to navigate website, it’s ad free, and it features entire matching sets of icons, many of which are really nicely done. Iconfinder also has a “premium” membership-based option that allows access to vector versions of icons plus other benefits.





Iconshock is a design firm that creates all of their own icons, as opposed to an icon search engine like the others on this list. They have a huge number of icons both free and for sale. You can buy icons individually, but the thing that makes Iconshock so awesome is that they offer their entire library of over 300 full icon sets for $199! Anyone who knows anything about icon design will acknowledge that this is an incredible value. The quality of the icons is good, but they all seem to feature a high-gloss look that can go a little overboard in my opinion. However, they are still nice icons, and for the price of their bundle you really can’t go wrong.





While Iconspedia will allow you to find a vast array of icons for virtually any scenario under the sun, it is ridden with those ads that are disguised as “download” buttons, so you have to be very careful where you click. When used with care however, it can be a great tool for finding icons. Just make sure you’re clicking on the real download link and not a sneaky imposter.




Find Icons

I’ve been able to locate some very unique icons using this site; especially 2D, pictograph or symbol style icons and icon sets. It does quite often lead you to pay sites like Shutterstock and iStockphoto, but quite frankly, if you’re not willing to spend a few bucks to get the icon you need, you’ll find yourself with a very limited selection to choose from.




Icon Archive

If you’re looking for freebies, Icon Archive is the site for you. There’s definitely some high-quality, free icons to be found here, but you will undoubtedly have to search through some pretty wretched looking ones in order to find the true gems.





While “Icon Finder” and “Iconshock” are the only two sites I have to visit to find what I need 80% of the time, all of the sites in this roundup are worth bookmarking.  I encourage you to take a minute to visit each of them and do a little poking around.  You’re bound to find some good, some bad, and some ugly; but if you dig deep enough, you’ll also find some real gems as well.  Thanks for reading, and happy icon hunting!


Aaron Craig

Aaron Craig is a graphic designer & entrepreneur. He is the founder of NTDesigns, a UI design firm that specializes in touchscreen based interfaces, especially in the home automation industry. He is the primary author for the NTDesigns Blog, and writes periodically for other blogs and publications in the UI design and automation realms when he can. Aaron lives in Milwaukee with his family and two dogs, Napoleon and Kip.

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