“Decora” Graphic User Interface & Crestron Templates

Decora Crestron Smart Graphics Theme

The latest graphic user interface, Crestron Smart Graphics theme and Crestron template series being developed in our studio is called “Decora”.  These screenshots are from the first theme in the “Decora” series, “Java” (that’s the working title at least).

The “Decora” series will be made up of several themes, each of which features an attractive, versatile color-scheme.  The idea behind “Decora” is to provide a set of themes that focus less on visual spectacle and eye-candy, and more on subtle design that will complement the style and decorating of the room in which they are being displayed.  In addition to “Java”, we are working on themes in sky-blue, hunter-green, and “southwestern” motifs.  Best of all, for an additional charge, “Decora” will be available for custom order in any color-scheme you want.

The first “Decora” series Crestron templates are slated to be released before the end of the year.

View screenshots on our Tumblr page here.

Aaron Craig

Aaron Craig is a graphic designer & entrepreneur. He is the founder of NTDesigns, a UI design firm that specializes in touchscreen based interfaces, especially in the home automation industry. He is the primary author for the NTDesigns Blog, and writes periodically for other blogs and publications in the UI design and automation realms when he can. Aaron lives in Milwaukee with his family and two dogs, Napoleon and Kip.

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