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Crestron App – Why Portrait Orientation Should Be Avoided Altogether


The Crestron App and other mobile applications for automation systems have been a serious game-changer for the entire systems integration industry.  They allow integrators to offer high-quality, wireless touchscreen control of their systems at a much lower cost than traditional, proprietary touch panels.  For this reason alone, they are hugely popular, and even programmers and firms that have tried to avoid adding them into their product mix, have been forced to do so out of popular demand.  However, the Crestron App does present integrators with a number of challenges that Crestron’s standard touch panels don’t.  One of these, is the ability of mobile devices to be rotated and viewed in both portrait and landscape orientation.  This means that programmers have to essentially create two versions of their touch panel project.  Fortunately, you can avoid this headache while also making things easier for your customers, by simply eliminating the option of portrait orientation from the get-go.  I’ll explain the advantages of programming for landscape only, and suggest some ways integrators can get the most out of landscape orientation. More…