Farewell to a King

george_feldstein_with_awards_300pxSince I found out yesterday that George Feldstein had passed away, it’s actually been weighing on my mind pretty heavily. As far as mourning goes, just like everyone else I’ve experienced the passing of people close to me, people who I was close to in the past, but hadn’t seen in years, and people like celebrities, who while I’d never met them, was still saddened by their death. Mr. Feldstein on the other hand, sort of falls into a category all his own.

Like many of you, I was fortunate enough to have met George on several occasions (easily the most down to earth founder of a company I’ve ever met), but of course we weren’t close. He was sort of like a celebrity within our little, niche industry, but not in the same way as a famous musician or actor who I had only seen on tv and in magazines. You see, the reason George’s recent passing is so meaningful to me, is because he changed my life in a very direct way.

If not for George’s aspirations, ambition and accomplishments, I have no idea what I would have been doing for the past 15 years. The existence of Crestron has made my livelihood possible. It’s put a roof over my head, fed and clothed my family, given my life meaning and direction. That’s a huge deal!

So, as we all contemplate the life this true pioneer, I just wanted to put in my two cents, and say a very sincere thank you on behalf of myself, my family, and colleagues in the industry whose lives were more than simply touched, but profoundly shaped by the late, great George Feldstein. Rest in peace good sir.