Free Download: Liquid Gauges for Crestron Smart Graphics

Crestron Smart Graphics Gauges

We just added a new freebie to the downloads area of  It’s a slick set of liquid gauges in 5 different colors.  These eyecatching elements will add flair and professionalism to any UI design project.  They are designed to be 9-slice scaleable.  The download includes a Photoshop file, the background and foreground images for each gauge in .png format, and a Crestron Studio archive file.  To add these gauges to a Crestron Smart Graphics Theme, simply open the archive and copy and paste the styles into your project.  We hope you like them, and encourage you to provide feedback if you have comments or suggestions.

You can download the gauges in a .zip file here.


31 Free Glossy Button Streaming Media UI Icons

Media Provider Buttons
Glossy White Amulet Style Media Provider Buttons

We just added a new free download the website.  It’s another set of media provider icons, this time in a glossy, white amulet style.  They are very eye-catching and will add visual flair to any touchscreen UI project.  There are 31 icons in all, each with normal and pressed states.  We’ve also included a Photoshop file so you can add your own icons to the set.

Click here to visit our downloads page


Free Download: Streaming Media Buttons

streaming media logo buttons
Streaming Media Provider Logo Buttons

We just posted a new free download on our website.  It’s a dark-themed set of round buttons with streaming media provider logos “embossed” in them.  There are 26 buttons in all, each with “up” and “down” states.  They feature an eyecatching 3-D effect when in their “up” state, and appear to depress and illuminate in their “down” state.  A Photoshop file for each state is included as well so you can make additional buttons with your own icons, symbols or logos.

You can download them here:


5 Great Icon Sites to Add to Your Arsenal

Every so often, I’ll hear from one of our customers that they need an icon that isn’t included with the theme or template he or she purchased from us. In the unfortunate situation (fra, fra, fra) that they don’t want to custom order a one-off icon from us, I will usually direct them to one of the sites listed below. Once they’ve found the right icon, I always invite them to send it to us so we can stylize it (free of charge) to match the theme or template they purchased.

While you might have to sift through some crap before you find what you’re looking for, there are so many icons available between these five sites that you’re almost always sure to find something that will fit your application.



This is always my first go-to site for finding quality icons. It’s a very well designed and easy to navigate website, it’s ad free, and it features entire matching sets of icons, many of which are really nicely done. Iconfinder also has a “premium” membership-based option that allows access to vector versions of icons plus other benefits.






New Free Download: Chrome Radio Buttons

chrome radio buttons photoshop

I just added a cool, new, freebie to our downloads page.  It’s a set of chrome, radio-style buttons.  Almost every free download I create is inspired by some sort of real-life object or device, and these are no different.  My wife and I were in our basement pulling out Christmas decorations (yes, that’s what I said.  We start early in my house), and I came across a bin full of old remotes that are by all accounts useless, but what kind of geek would I be if I were able to just throw out old remote controls.  Anyway, one of the remotes was for an old mini-system I used to have in my office, and the it’s chrome buttons were just captivating, and they inspired me to make this freebie for you all.  The download includes normal and pressed states for each button (left, center, right), and two .psd files with fully editable layers and styles for you to experiment with to your heart’s content.

You can download the files here.