How to Take Apart a URC MX-850 or Similar Remote Control for Cleaning

Old reliable

I love my URC MX-850 and Crestron ML-600 handheld remotes.  Granted, they are rather antiquated by today’s standards, but they are just so easy to use that I simply can’t bring myself to replace them.  If you’re familiar with this remote (if you’re in the AV industry and you are not, then you’re living under a rock), you know that after awhile, they can get pretty grungy.  I’ve seen MX-850s in clients’ homes that look like they’d been used as utensils for eating chinese food.  The problem is, with it’s big rubber buttons and countless nooks and crannies, the remote is very hard to give a proper cleaning.  It also doesn’t have a single screw holding the chassis together, so taking it apart to clean seems to be out of the question.  Until now that is…Braaah, ha, ha, ha!

Here I’ll show you step by step how to completely disassemble a URC MX-850 and give it the cleaning it deserves.  I should disclaim however, that this is only my own technique and may not be condoned by URC.  Also, while I’m confident that any competent person won’t have any trouble with this, do it at your own risk (or your remote’s own risk I guess).



How To Make a Black “Matte Finish” UI Style button in Photoshop: Part III

Matte Black Button

In part III of this tutorial, I will show you how to add the text to the button in the inactive and active styles you see here.

The style of text I used on this button is again, quite subtle. It may not be suitable for many applications because it could be considered “hard to see” by some, but for the purposes of this tutorial, I went for style over practicality. The font is “Nimbus Sans Condensed” which you can easily find for free if you Google it. Otherwise, these styles will look nice with any number of fonts, so just experiment!



How To Make a Black “Matte Finish” UI Style button in Photoshop: Part II

Matte Black Button Down

In part II of this tutorial, we’re going to make the “pressed” or “down” state of our black “matte finish” button.

Step 1

Just like you did for the “up” state, make a rounded rectangle (whatever size you want), with a corner radius of 5px.  Again, make sure you have “Align Edges” checked.  You could also simply copy your “up” state button and start from there.  Some of the styles for the “down” state are the same as the “up” state, so this may be the more efficient option.

matte black button tutorial ntdesigns


How To Make a Black “Matte Finish” UI Style button in Photoshop: Part I

black matte button
The final button we will be creating.

I’ve received numerous requests asking me to share some of my Photoshop techniques for making buttons and the like. So, I’m starting with this, and will do my best to continue to regularly post helpful tips and tricks in the future!

Of course, there are many ways to reach the same goal in Photoshop, and no one is any more right or wrong than another. These tutorials are just a summation of my own personal techniques, and I would encourage you to search for other tutorials and learn other techniques so you can combine them into your own unique style.

In this three part tutorial, I am going to show you how to make a dark button with a “matte” or “flat” finish, using Photoshop.  I will be making both the “normal” and “pressed” states of the button and will include text styles for each as well. For “Part I”, let’s start with the normal state. More…