How to Take Apart a URC MX-850 or Similar Remote Control for Cleaning

Old reliable

I love my URC MX-850 and Crestron ML-600 handheld remotes.  Granted, they are rather antiquated by today’s standards, but they are just so easy to use that I simply can’t bring myself to replace them.  If you’re familiar with this remote (if you’re in the AV industry and you are not, then you’re living under a rock), you know that after awhile, they can get pretty grungy.  I’ve seen MX-850s in clients’ homes that look like they’d been used as utensils for eating chinese food.  The problem is, with it’s big rubber buttons and countless nooks and crannies, the remote is very hard to give a proper cleaning.  It also doesn’t have a single screw holding the chassis together, so taking it apart to clean seems to be out of the question.  Until now that is…Braaah, ha, ha, ha!

Here I’ll show you step by step how to completely disassemble a URC MX-850 and give it the cleaning it deserves.  I should disclaim however, that this is only my own technique and may not be condoned by URC.  Also, while I’m confident that any competent person won’t have any trouble with this, do it at your own risk (or your remote’s own risk I guess).