Avant Activity Icons Available Now

Our first, stand-alone icon set is finally available. We’re very excited about these gorgeous activity icons and we’re sure you’ll like them too. They come in two convenient sizes, 128x128px and 256x256px. They will be added to our online store soon, but for the time being they can be purchased right here; just use the “Add to Cart” button below. Click the picture to see a preview of all the icons included with the set.

Click for a preview of the entire Avant icon set

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Streaming Content Provider Badges added to free downloads

Streaming content is becoming available via more and more consumer electronic devices.  This set of slick-looking badges comes in three styles: plain, reflected and drop-shadow.  Providers included are: Netflix, Pandora, Blockbuster, YouTube, Rhapsody, CinemaNow and LastFM.  Click here to download the set.


Projector Icon with .psd file

Projector IconThis free download includes multiple versions of our projector icon in 10 vivid colors, all 512 x 512 pixels in size. It also includes a Photoshop file containing the 50 plus layers required to create the projector. It is a great illustration of the anatomy of one of our icons and the level of detail that goes into it. Click here to view screenshots of the icon set.


Free Crestron TPS-6X template: Carrera

Crestron Carrera Template TPS-6XYou might be saying to yourself, “a free template, what’s the catch?” Well, there isn’t one. As with all design firms, we have hundreds of concepts that never make it past the drawing board, Occasionally, one of these will make into production, but then simply be abandoned for one reason or another. Carrera is one of those designs. It’s not that we thought it was hideous or anything like that, we just decided that we no longer wanted to pursue developing it into a full template. To make a long story short, Carrera for the TPS-6X is complete enough that we can offer it to you as a freebie! It has a high-gloss, modern appearance and works well with nearly any background image. We’ve even included a few backgrounds to get you started.  Click here to view screenshots.


Three new button sets added to free downloads

glossy black buttonsWe just posted three new button sets to the downloads area of There is a ‘brushed metal’ set called Grimlock.  These look great on a dark background and they also pair well with our segmented gauges and sliders.  The glossy ‘woodgrain’ set is named Guthrie.  Use this set with a nature scene as your background and it’s like a match made in heaven.  Last but not least, there is the slick and shiny black set called Obsidian. These look good with just about any type of background and they also go well with many of our other free graphic sets.  Each of the sets includes over 40 buttons with pressed and released states and they’re all in .png format with transparency support. Hope you all like them!